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Safety is always a priority at EE Wilson Floor Covering. Anytime our team is on a construction site, they are required to wear the proper safety gear. Hardhats, safety vest and proper shoes are all important aspects of safety; however the one of the most important is awareness. Every employee at EE Wilson Floor Covering is required to take a safety course and many are OSHA Certified. When it comes to safety, don’t take chances call EE Wilson Floor Covering.




Installing marble is a complex job that takes care and expertise. When installed properly marble tile looks amazing. When it is not the result could be disastrous.  Moisture staining is a common problem many inexperienced installers may encounter. This happens due to the absorption of moisture from the setting materials. When using a translucent or light or light colored marble it is important to use a dry set mortar. Our installers have the skill and experience necessary to professionally install marble.